Condo Insurance

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Condo Insurance

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Condo insurance is a policy designed for the unique circumstances of owning a unit in a condominium building. It helps pay for the cost of interior repairs to your unit and replacing your belongings if they are stolen or damaged by fire, vandalism, theft, or other risks.

Condo insurance covers many of the same risks as homeowners insurance, including:

  • Personal possessions. Condo insurance covers damage, destruction or theft of your personal property. Suppose you have a washing machine in your condo and a hose ruptures, flooding your living room. The right condo insurance may cover the repairs to carpeting, flooring, furniture, and other personal property.

  • Liability. This can pay for damages and legal fees if you cause accidental bodily injury or property damage to others. In many cases, this applies whether or not the incident occurs in your condo. For example, if the flooding from your washing machine seeps under the walls and causes property damage to your neighbor’s unit, condo insurance will cover that as well.
  • Medical payments to others. Condo insurance can pay for medical bills when someone is injured on your property, regardless of fault. With the cost of hospitalization and medical treatments, this coverage can save you thousands of dollars.
  • Loss of use. Suppose a fire causes so much damage you can’t live in your condo for a while. Condo insurance may reimburse you for living expenses until you can move back into your home.

Optional Coverage

Identity Theft Protection

Covers up to $15,000 of expenses you incur as a direct result of identity theft.

Personal Injury Protection

Protects you against claims of libel, slander, and invasion of privacy under your homeowners insurance policy.

Coverage for Valuables

Offers open perils coverage for your valuable items such as jewelry, furs, cameras, musical instruments, silverware, fine arts, and golfer’s equipment.

Increased Limits on Personal Property

Extend personal possessions coverages beyond the standard limit


Drive Home / Affinity Discount

We’re happy to help with all of your insurance needs. If you bundle your home with an eligible auto policy, you may qualify for a discount.

Safety First / Premises Alarm or Fire Protection System Discount

We like that you value home safety as much as we do. If you have either central monitored or direct-line fire or burglar alarms, or if you have sprinklers in every room of your home, you could receive a discount.

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