Home Insurance

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Home Insurance

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It pays for the cost of fixing any damage covered in the policy – even if your home is totally destroyed. What many people don’t know is that it can also pay for the cost of temporary housing while your home is being repaired.

In addition to your regular belongings, homeowners insurance can also cover the loss of items that are valuable and/or near and dear to your heart. For example, jewelry, expensive musical instruments, family heirlooms, antique furniture and more.

You can also get policy riders, also known as “endorsements,” to cover damages not covered in a basic homeowners policy. These coverages can include earthquake, sewer backups, identity theft and more. In fact, you may be surprised at some of the losses home insurance policy riders cover:

  • Damage away from home. Do you like to travel? Do you have kids in college? Parts of you personal property and liability coverage may apply to those situations.
  • Pet bites. When your pet bites someone damages can easily cost $35,000 or more.
  • Bring your home up to code after a covered loss. Suppose your home suffers fire damage. Your policy could include paying for upgrading a damaged electrical system that meets the latest codes.
  • Damage from falling debris. Suppose a tree in your back yard topples over and takes out your entire patio. Homeowners insurance may replace it at no cost to you (except for the deductible).
  • Damage due to power outages. If the power goes out in your area for an extended period of time, a home insurance rider can cover the cost of replacing spoiled food in your refrigerator.

Homeowners insurance is a valuable financial tool designed to protect your home and its contents from damage due to events like:

  • Weather and natural disasters
  • Fire and smoke
  • Theft of personal property
  • Vandalism

Optional Coverage

Identity Theft Protection
Covers up to $15,000 of expenses you incur as a direct result of identity theft.

Personal Injury Protection
Protects you against claims of libel, slander, and invasion of privacy under your homeowners insurance policy.

Coverage for Valuables
Offers open perils coverage for your valuable items such as jewelry, furs, cameras, musical instruments, silverware, fine arts, and golfer’s equipment.

Extended Coverage on Your Home (Homeowners Only)
Provides additional coverage, up to 25% or 50% of your Dwelling Coverage, if the amount to replace your home exceeds the amount of coverage provided by your policy.

Increased Limits on Personal Property
Extend personal possessions coverages beyond the standard limit.


Welcome Home / Home Purchase Discount
As our way of congratulating you on your new home purchase, you could receive a discount when you buy a new home.

Moving In Discount
Moving from an apartment or condo into a new home? Congratulations, you may qualify for a discount.

Drive Home / Affinity Discount
We’re happy to help with all of your insurance needs. If you bundle your home policy with an eligible auto policy, you may qualify for a discount.

Roof it Over / Age of Roof Discount
When your roof is less than 10 years old or you decide to purchase a new roof make sure to let us know, you may qualify for a discount on your homeowners insurance premium.

New Construction / Age of Home Discount
New homes have the benefit of advances in building technology and are less likely to have a claim. We understand this and offer a discount based on the age of your home.

Safety First / Premises Alarm or Fire Protection System Discount
We like that you value home safety as much as we do. If you have either central monitored or direct-line fire or burglar alarms, or if you have sprinklers in every room of your home, you could receive a discount.

Better Together
Now you can save on those endorsements that you would have purchased anyway. Midvale offers two endorsement package options that cost less than if you bought the endorsements by themselves.